Transboundary cargo logistics with LCLT-Logistics

On the LCLT-Logistics staff are experts in customs and transportation logistics, legal advisors, former RZD (Russia’s Railway Company) employees having long service records with this organization.

Their unique expertise, skills and shoulder-to-shoulder work makes it possible for them to jointly solve tasks of any complexity promptly and efficiently.

Today LCLT-Logistics presents:

  • Hundreds of fully implemented cargo-logistics projects across Europe, Asia and America;
  • Continual partnership relations with major international companies;
  • High standard of company services including most sophisticated ones;
  • Individual approach to customers and thorough examination of their needs;
  • High standard of services, attention and flexibility, non-standard approach;
  • Joint search for optimal and mutually beneficial solutions.

We value our clients’ trust and always apply our best efforts to establish long term trust partnership relations.