International oversea transportation

Cargo transportation by sea allows delivery of large shiploads to remotest destinations worldwide at relatively low costs.

Marine transportation is an integrated procedure consisting of various stages of cargo handling such as delivery to a dispatching port, loading on board ship, unloading at a destination port, handling at a transshipment port , etc., irrespective of the cargo type and selected means of sea transportation.

As of today the LCLT-Logistics company maintains an efficiently working system of interaction with shipping lines and a record of successful marine cargo-transportation operations including those of oversize and hazardous cargoes.

In the field of marine transportation LCLT-Logistics offers the following services:

  • Alignment and approval of the best route for cargo delivery;
  • Assistance in preparation and processing of cargo transportation documentation (booking management, development of instructions for bill of lading fill-in);
  • Organization of cargo delivery to a dispatching port and cargo relocation from a destination port to a consignee's warehouse;
  • Cargo forwarding at the destination port;
  • Customs clearance of cargo, if necessary.

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