Multimodal transportation

Multimodal or mixed-mode transportation is a combination of cargo carriage by different means of transport and therefore demands special control and well-coordinated work of the whole supply chain team.

A pre-determined route and prompt decision-making in the course of transportation allows timely delivery of cargo within specified time-limits.

LCLT-Logistics acts as a multimodal operator because it provides a complete range of services for organization of cargo traffic operations of any complexity from mixed and general cargo to oversize and hazardous cargo, coordinates cargo traffic conditions when necessary at all stages of its transportation, selects most suitable means of transport with regard to cargo specifics, as well as to customer needs, resources and requests.

Cooperation with us ensures timely delivery of cargoes within agreed upon time limits without a pre-payment!

LCLT-Logistics provides services at all stages of multimodal transportation organization including:

  • Identification of transport means as prescribed by regulations governing transportation and delivery of concrete cargoes;
  • Alignment of the best route for cargo delivery;
  • Assistance in cargo documentation preparation and processing, as well as in obtaining necessary documentation;
  • Checking of filled-in transportation documentation for correctness;
  • Organization of cargo loading and unloading (if a necessity arises);
  • Monitoring and control of cargo movement.

Specifics of transportation costs and individual offer development can be obtained from our specialists.

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