Transportation by rail

Cargo transportation by rail across the RF territory, CIS and far-abroad countries is a key and priority business in our company operation.

LCLT-Logistics specialists are ready to offer a number of services in the area of cargo rail transportation management with the optimal price/quality ratio. Their expertise in transportation by rail helps to do the labour intensive work of document preparation and processing with respect to a big number of requirements, rules and qualifications regulating transportation by rail.

Interaction between LCLT-Logistics and  RZD (Russia’s Railway Company), TransContainer and other organizations allows cargo delivery within the shortest time possible along a most advantageous route.

LCLT-Logistics offers the package of services in the area of railway cargo traffic management including:

1. Consulting on matters concerning management of cargo transportation by rail:

  • Identification of the rolling stock type;
  • Route alignment;
  • Calculation of carriage cost;
  • Preparation of permits, approvals and transportation documentation;
  • Organization of transit export and import rail traffic of cargo.

2. Performance of loading/unloading and handling operations.

3. Insurance of cargo carried by rail.

4. Organization of acceptance (dispatching) of wagons with subsequent delivery of cargo to end receivers.

5. Consultation on issues related to development of cargo-loading schemes and drawings, as well as their subsequent approvals by railroad authorities.

Specifics of transportation costs and individual offer development can be obtained from our specialists.

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